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Ever notice how easy it is to allow your mind to whisk you away from the present moment? Indulge in one little pesky insecurity, and, suddenly, you’re down and out in funk town. Well, there’s an antidote for that. In yoga philosophy, sakshi (witness) is the ability to notice your thoughts without identifying (or reacting) to them. Strengthening your inner observer will help you see thoughts and situations as they truly are without piling on assumptions that can result in an emotional tailspin.

There’s a simple practice you can do to help train yourself to observe your thoughts rather than be immersed in them. This stream of consciousness meditation begins with a notepad and piece of paper. Start by sitting in a quiet room and close your eyes. Begin to notice your thoughts and write them down on the paper with your eyes still closed. Write down every thought that comes to mind without any editing, even something silly like “I don’t know what to write” or “I’m hungry”. Keep your eyes closed when you are done and meditate for a few moments. Then open your eyes slowly and read aloud what you wrote. This exercise should help most people throughout the day to mentally observe ones thoughts and as a result have a clearer mind.

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