NYC Hot Yoga Instructors


Alena Wertalik

As a former competitive equestrian, Alena grew up with an interest in challenging her mind and body, and an appreciation for the rewards of disciplined training. Alena has been studying yoga asana and philosophy for 10 years. Over the last six years, she has managed multiple Yoga to the People studios and is now Director of YttP East Coast Operations. With over 2000 hours of teaching experience, she has facilitated over 14 teacher trainings including the Vinyasa and Traditional Hot practices.


Audrey Geis

Audrey has been teaching at Yoga to the People's studios for nearly eight years. As a woman passionate about education, Audrey took her talents from formal academia into the yoga room to continue enhancing the lives of every student she meets. As one of the facilitators of the YTTP's and Hot on Yoga's Teacher Training Programs, Audrey has spent time in every studio YttP has had the honor of creating; from Seattle to Berkeley, from Tempe to NYC. Her commitment to continuously cultivating her own learning promises that every class you take with Audrey will be inspiring and informative.


Phil Lanzetta

Phil Lanzetta received his 200hr Yoga Alliance Certification and Traditional Hot Yoga certification from Yoga to the People. He is currently pursuing a 500hr certification under the tutelage of Sam Chase, Amy Matthews, and Nikki Carter. A professional dancer and choreographer, he developed a curiosity for the capabilities of the human body at an early age. Inspired by poetry and science, both his Power Vinyasa and Traditional Hot classes unfold in a contemplative and challenging style, while maintaining a sense of ease and playfulness. Whether teaching a room of one hundred students, or three students, Phil creates an environment in which the edges of the body/mind can be explored in a safe and supported manner. Phil practices and teaches daily, throughout the boroughs of NYC, and continues to dance and generate creative works.


Stephanie Kies

A Chicago native, Stephanie has always possessed an interest in the mind-body connection. Being a dancer led her to begin practicing yoga at 11 years old, and her passion for the practice has deepened ever since. After moving to New York City, Stephanie began practicing at the Yoga to the People's St. Mark's location while pursuing her BFA in dance with a minor in Psychology from NYU's Tisch and CAS Schools. Her love and curiosity for yoga guided her to complete her 200hr teaching certification with Yoga to the People. Yoga for Stephanie has been an opportunity to constantly learn more about herself physically and mentally; she is constantly moved by how students and fellow practitioners hold and create space with their bodies.


Angelina Pollard

Angelina first began practicing yoga in 2009 when she was drawn to the practices emphasis on breath and how it could guide one in movement as well as help to quiet the active mind in stillness. After practicing in different countries and dabbling in many different styles, Angelina got her certification through Yoga to the People in 2014. She started with traditional hot training and later went on to deepen her love of teaching in their vinyasa training. Angelina credits her students to be her greatest teachers and considers her own yoga journey to be endless. She considers each day of teaching and self practice to be a gift and strives to keep on opening others eyes to the expansive benefits yoga can bring not only to ones self but also to the communities we live in.


Sarah Hutchison

A Pennsylvania native, Sarah began her yoga journey in 2005 when she started taking classes at a power vinyasa studio in her hometown. After moving to New York City in 2010, Sarah discovered Yoga to the People, where her practice deepened greatly. She began to realize how yoga connected to all areas of her life – exposing fears, doubts, strengths and, most importantly, her potentials. In 2014, Sarah completed her teacher training with Yoga to the People and has since continued her growth as both a student and teacher, drawing inspiration from the wonderful community at YTTP.


Shalini Sukhai

Shalini found yoga 9 years ago as a means to cope with her hectic jobs and finishing up school. Even after she graduated and landed a ‘dream job’ she couldn’t pull herself away from the yoga and the feeling that she was meant to do something else. At the urging of her friends and family she signed up for the Yoga to The People hot training and the moment she walked into the class room found what was missing from her life: connection. Since then Shalini has completed a 200hr Vinyasa training and warmly invites others to find the same life affirming joy she does in her yoga practice.


Terrance Anderson

Terrance Anderson first discovered yoga shortly after moving to New York in 2008. The practice immediately appealed to his love of meditation and movement. He recently completed his training for traditional hot yoga to compliment his 200 hour certification in vinyasa yoga. He continues to expand his education and further his learning by exploring prenatal yoga, Vedic meditation, and Advanced Anatomy studies at The Breathing Project with Amy Mathews.


Haven Melynn

Haven first became interested in yoga as a student studying dramatics and science at the NYU Tisch and Gallatin schools. After deriving great personal benefit from the practice, her curiosity about yoga’s effect on the mind, and its subsequent influence on the body’s biology, lead her to earning a yoga teaching certificate in 2008, when she quickly became passionate about teaching and then joined the Yoga to the People staff. She has since taught at studios across the country, in both the hot and vinyasa styles. Through the years she has continued to seek growth both as student and teacher, taking inspiration from those on and off the mat, including from her three beautiful children and husband. She is honored to once again be part of the YttP training staff, and looks forward to supporting each of you along the journey ahead.

James Huddleston

James was born in Yorkshire, England. As a boxer, he travelled to many places in the world, eventually landing in New York city to fight the Golden Gloves. In addition to his achievements as a boxer, James spent time in Nepal and Tibet working with charities. It was during this time that James discovered yoga and instantly became curious. Seeing the lives of the Buddhists and Sadhus intrigued him and forged an interest in the influence of meditation and yoga. He began a consistent practice with Yoga to the People eight years ago and completed his 200RYT certification in 2010. He continues to nurture his passion for the practice through teaching, while also owning and operating a restaurant called B.Om and Gospel, inspired by his passion of music, art and healthy food from farm to table.