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Benefits of Hot Yoga Over Regular Yoga

If you’ve never tried hot yoga there are a number of reasons to consider adding it to your regular exercise routine. Hot Yoga has an element of challenge that can be appealing to some people. The idea of pushing your body through discomfort and making it in one piece can be satisfying.

There’s also an extra cardio intensity from your heart pumping harder to keep the blood moving to cool the body. The added cardio intensity can mean burning more calories and who wouldn’t want more of that from their daily exercise. For those with type 2 diabetes, hot yoga is especially helpful at reducing blood glucose levels.

Also, the added heat helps your muscles stay more flexible. We know that a warm muscle is more flexible and we have better flexibility benefits by stretching a warm muscle. The heat causes you to breath more and heavier breathing leads to relaxation and stress relief. A number of studies have shown that hot yoga has an ability to reduce stress and improve your moods which lead to lower rates of depression.

Hot Yoga can be considered a form of skin detox. One of the benefits of sweating in a warm environment is that it can improve circulation, bringing oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to skin cells.

That being said, you need to prepare beforehand by staying well hydrated 24-hours ahead of class and wearing breathable fabrics. If you want an hour of deep sweat while moving to music in ways that release tension and maximize blood circulation all in one euphoric experience, then you need to try hot yoga.

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