Orlando, FL

Dear Yoga Family,

Sadness does not evade us as we are forced to close our doors permanently. Johnny and myself have put our hearts and souls into this community and truly feel as though it became our family. There are a few driving forces behind this heartbreaking decision.  

Understandably, with a low teaching staff concerned for their personal and family’s wellbeing, we felt it necessary to honor each teacher in their choices to not teach. We would never ask of them to do something that we ourselves don’t feel comfortable doing considering our new baby. 

In our best efforts, we had tried to turn over the stewardship of Hot on Yoga. Upon discussions with multiple interested parties, the new resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic was the main reason all of said parties declined to move forward. When coupling that with our landlord’s unwillingness to reduce the rent to reflect the restrictions placed upon small businesses during Covid-19, it destroyed any and all talks. The landlord has processed an eviction through the Orange County Court system since the state of Florida did not put a pause on evictions for commercial spaces. We are going to be forced into filing bankruptcy. 

We didn’t anticipate that the second hit from the virus would financially cripple us the way that it has but unfortunately, like many other small businesses, we cannot weather this storm.  

Alongside of this, Johnny’s mother has a rapidly declining health issue. He has been dividing his time between New Jersey to help with her care, and here in Florida. It has been difficult on our young family to say the least, and now requires our full attention in New Jersey. We have been severely impacted by the state of the country and family matters.

As sad as this news is, we worked tirelessly in order to help support all of you and your yoga practices. We have found you a new hot yoga studio to call home! Working personally with the Owner, Angela Lopez, over the past year to sharpen her yoga teaching journey it has revealed to us her integrity and giving heart. 

Angela of ‘I Am Hot Yoga’, has agreed to honor all current HOY packages at their beautiful brand new location in Windermere opening this September. 

We are devastated about this reality, but have trust and faith that God has his hand in all we are facing. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your love and support of this yoga studio and community over the past three and a half years. It has been an unbelievable ride, a remarkable opportunity, and a blessing to guide you each day. We will miss you all dearly.

With all our light and love, 

Amy, Johnny, and baby Dino

A note from Angela:

Yoga is an ever evolving practice that cannot be tamed. We live in a tech driven society where we subconsciously get detached from our divine connection. We, at I Am Hot Yoga, have found a way to incorporate this technology to serve you; using state of the art sound, visual stimulation and scent therapy. We are the “equinox” of yoga studios, a very high end and supreme quality studio. This experience enables you to have the most invigorating yoga practice ever created for you to reach your pure enlightenment, pure connectivity, and pure power.

Angela Lopez, who hails from Los Angeles, has 15 years of mindful and spiritual fitness experience and opened Lagree Fitness in West Side Village Shoppes a couple of years ago. I Am Hot Yoga, as Lagree’s sister studio, declares the two methods are the best marriage for adding length to life!
“At I am Hot Yoga, I am most looking forward to giving the community a special haven, a sanctuary for them to heal,” she said. “That’s what I’m looking forward to the most, the change it’s going to bring to people’s lives.”

Connect with Angela:

Angela Lopez


(321) 430-1773

Instagram: @iamhotyoga_windermere

Web: I Am Hot Yoga Website

News: Orange Observer Article