Bikram Yoga

Did you know our Bikram Yoga has some of the warmest instructors around? Bikram Yoga invented by Bikram Choudhury is known to be the hottest yoga at 105 degrees. Bikram made his practice famous amongst the media for its technical structure consisting of 26 poses and strict 90 minute time limit. For those of us who need a challenge this is a class that will not disappoint.

Situated on the west side of Manhattan is a our Bikram Yoga Studio of NYC. This is the class we need on a Monday after a weekend full of munchies. Let’s challenge ourselves even on a Friday, because we are urban jungle warriors and our bodies will thank us over the weekend.

Our bikram yoga studio is a place where we can nourish our skin, improve our joint flexibility and burn those extra calories. Who knew, simply incorporating a daily yoga routine can improve posture and relieve back pain. Not to mention, the numerous benefits bikram yoga provides for that place between the ears. Stress, depression, and despair are three emotions we sweat off our bodies and spirit as we step into the bikram yoga studio.

Bikram Yoga in NYC has never been so close and affordable!
bikram yoga