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Hot On Yoga is open. We have limited classes and are following Health restrictions required for our business. Please check our Live Schedule and hope to see you back on the mat!

We are the largest climate-controlled, air purifier yoga studio in Colorado Springs offering
Hot Yoga (Traditional Bikram), Power Vinyasa, Vinyasa, Inferno Hot Pilates, & Restorative Yin Yoga.

5740 N Carefree Circle #260, Colorado Springs, CO 80917
(NW corner of Powers Blvd and N Carefree Cir)

(719) 440-4800


To Our Hot on Yoga Community,

5/1/20, the State of Colorado allows businesses to open. Please visit https://covid19.colorado.gov/safer-at-home for up to date information.  We are now open with limited classes and we are following the required health restrictions. We will provide more information on this process as we receive information from CDC & Colorado Public Health department.

Thank you ALL for allowing us to serve you.  

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Yours in service, Namaste.

Mike, Brooke, and Hot On Yoga Staff & Seva


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Hot On Yoga is not affiliated with YttP.  HOY is Independently owned and operated.  HOY fully supports people from all over the world who have a shared desire for justice to act together in their communities. That commitment is a stand against the deliberate violence inflicted on all people and most recently against people of color.

Live Class Schedule Special Classes

Hot Yoga

Our Bikram-inspired, Hot Yoga classes consist of 2 breathing exercises and a series of 26 poses incorporating balance, strength and flexibility. This is a vigorous practice that will open, strengthen, and detoxify the entire body. The room is heated to 102-104° Fahrenheit, with 50+% humidity. You will sweat, stretch, get strong and be amazed at what you can do!

We offer 60-minute, Hot Yoga classes every day of the year. We also offer a traditional 90-minute class on Sundays. The 60-minute class is choreographed from the same postures as the traditional 90-minute class, but moves at a quicker flow and has a lot less rest. As a result of the faster pace, there are increased cardiovascular benefits, which help to create leaner muscles.

A full-length towel is a must and water is recommended. Please come to class well hydrated.


Sunrise Hot

Our Bikram-inspired, Sunrise Hot Yoga class is heated to only 95° Fahrenheit, with 50+% humidity. Class is 55 minutes in length.

A full-length towel is a must and water is recommended. Please come to class well hydrated.


Beginners Vinyasa

Join us this slower paced class where we spend time on the the alignment of the most common yoga poses as well as what you can expect in a vinyasa class. This is a great kick start to your first Flow or Power Class. No added heat.


Power Vinyasa

Students are guided through Sun Salutations and a flow of sequenced postures that detoxifies, heals and rejuvenates the body. Often referred to as “meditation in motion”, our Power Vinyasa classes cultivate strength, endurance, focus, balance, and flexibility. The room is heated to 94-97° Fahrenheit, with 40% humidity.

A full length towel is a must. Also bring a mat and water.


Vinyasa Flow

This fun, engaging class teaches fundamental Vinyasa Yoga poses (asanas) including standing, balancing, seated and reclining postures, and backbends. Special emphasis is placed on moving with the breath. The practice offers accessible alignment principles, taught in a supportive environment, from which students can explore their potential, restore and transform. This class is suitable for students of all experience levels and is ideal for anyone who enjoys a gentler, slower-paced, non-heated yoga class.
This class is a great preparation for our Power Vinyasa classes.
Our Vinyasa Flow classes are taught in a warm room at 75-85° Fahrenheit, with about 30% humidity.

Bring a mat and water.


Candlelight Vinyasa Flow

This class blends stretching, gentle movement and breathing techniques with a focus on relaxing into the deepest layers of the body to return students to a place of release, surrender and calm. The music and candlelight allow the tension to drain from your body as you breathe deeply, decrease feelings of stress and anxiety, and increase a sense of calm and peacefulness. This class will improve joint flexibility, free stagnation in the muscle tissue, and foster a quiet, meditative state.

The room is heated to 90-92° Fahrenheit, with 40%+ humidity.

Bring a mat. A full-length towel and water is recommended.


Inferno Hot Pilates

A High Intensity Internal Training (HIIT) workout using Pilates principles. It is performed in a room heated to 90-95° Fahrenheit with 40% humidity. It is an intense, full body workout designed to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and improve overall health. All ability levels are welcome.

Bring a mat, full-length towel, and water.


Restorative Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a wonderful complement to the more Yang styles of yoga we offer, Hot Yoga and Power Vinyasa Yoga. Yang relates to movement, often repetitive movement, creating heat in the body. Yin is about finding stillness and cooling the body. And, the theory goes, we need both to come into balance to stay in optimum condition.

Yin Yoga focuses on fascia and connective tissue and is practiced sitting or lying on the floor in a warm, non-heated room. There are no planks, no warriors, no core work. No dynamic sun salutations. No standing poses. The pace is slow, so you need to wear comfortable clothes and maybe keep your socks on. This class is suitable for beginners and more experienced practitioners alike. No prior yoga experience is required. You’ll leave feeling very relaxed into the day/evening.

Bring a mat. All props are provided but you are welcome to bring your own pillow, blanket and bolster.