Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Our next program begins January 25, 2019. Enroll today!


Are you ready to expand your practice and become certified to teach Hot Yoga? Our team of professional instructors would be honored to lead you to become an inspiring instructor in our upcoming Hot Yoga Teacher Training.


Space is limited. Enroll today, by contacting us:
(719) 323-4200

During this program you will:

* Learn to teach Hot Yoga classes that encompass the body, mind, and spirit
* Explore the foundations and history of yoga in comparison to modern day yoga
* Discover the spiritual teachings of yoga and how to apply them in your practice and teaching
* Learn proper alignment of postures and how to avoid injury
* Learn movement anatomy and physiology and the tools to modify postures for various situations and injuries
* Understand how to sequence postures in a fluid manner and unite breath with movement
* Hone your presentation and communication skills to inspire and deliver a class in a concise, effective manner
* Learn to read and teach to a diverse population of bodies
* Grow your personal practice

The strength of this program comes from the intense focus given to practice teaching as well as the variety of experienced and knowledgeable yoga teachers and guest speakers involved in the program who will share their knowledge and gifts.

This program is accredited by the Yoga Alliance.






Next Program Start Date: January 25th, 2019

Session Schedule:
Meets for 10 weeks on
* Saturdays 8am-6:15pm
* Sundays 9am-6:30pm
* Tuesdays 6pm-9pm

$2,650 cash
$2,800 cc
*Installment plans available
Early Bird Discount: $150 (PIF by TBD)



Training Staff:
Mike Gumucio
Brooke Gumucio
Amber Willems



“I had only been practicing yoga for about five months when the training began, and I had a lot to learn. Knowing that the teacher training would deepen my understanding was all I needed to take the leap! As a veteran elementary school teacher, I knew I would love the chance to guide others through their practice in the hot room. Sharing the joys and benefits of hot yoga as a new teacher is a blessing and a privilege. Every single instructor at Hot on Yoga has impacted my growth as a yogi from day one. I love the sense of community here, and the willingness the instructors show to answer my questions and encourage me in my practice. They are incredible examples of the kind of teacher I want to become. I couldn’t imagine taking my first training anywhere else! I’m a TOTAL people-person, so the best part of training for me was building such great relationships with the other trainees. We supported each other through dialogue memorization and long weekends, and celebrated our successes throughout the training and beyond. Those friendships will always mean a lot to me! “
~Mary H

More info and to enroll:

(719) 440-4800

Hot on Yoga

5740 North Carefree Circle #260

Colorado Springs, CO 80917