bikram yoga chelsea

Bikram Yoga Chelsea

Whether you sweat like it’s raining cats and dogs or you don’t sweat enough, once you step into a Bikram Yoga in Chelsea class you are guaranteed to sweat. That is why you need to be sure to bring proper clothing…

Lets start with Mat & Towel. Both are necessary to do yoga at all, so obviously the studio will have both available for rent. However, for those of you who want to purchase your own, a few things to consider. Make sure your mat absorbs sweat and has built in grip so you are not slipping every time you are doing a downward facing dog. Aloyoga has a number of quality mats to choose from. For some fun colors and styles checkout Lululemon.

Other items to consider are Leggings & Shorts. They should be tight fitting, sweat-wicking and antimicrobial for the best possible experience. Once, you have tried yoga in loose fitting shorts and a T-shirt you know how necessary it is to stay tight. Aloyoga has a vast collection to choose from.

Finally be sure to have good quality Sports bras & Tops. Your upper body needs to be in the best possible position to perform your practice. That means they need to be stretchy but also fit your body tightly so that each yoga pose be done with minimal discomfort. Lululemon has a unique item worth checking out here, which can stretch and shape to your body.

Do not forget all the essential accessories like water bottles, hair, yoga blocks, bags and more. All of which will be key elements of your yoga routine. Bikram Yoga in Chelsea is done right when you are sweating a bunch. So make sure to sweat in the best possible gear!