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What’s the deal with all the sweating? The sweat from a hot yoga class is unlike a sweat from any other workout class. Not to be all gross and graphic about it, but anyone who’s taken a particularly fast-paced hot yoga class knows that you reach a point where the sweat literally pours off of the body. While this can feel disconcerting and generally icky to hot yoga novices, it’s something that many experienced yogis claim to crave.

Why? It could be due to the detoxification process. As you sweat, you reduce water retention and sweat out a long list of toxins, chemicals, and other unwanted compounds that shouldn’t be in your body. We sweat as a way for the body to maintain homeostasis. Being in an environment that is hotter than our body temperature increases internal temperatures and skin temperatures, which promotes blood flow to the skin cells. Couple that with challenging poses and breath and you will quickly find yourself drenched in more sweat.

There are plenty of options to sweat away in this yoga studio in NYC. Sweating is also a great way to rid the body of excess water and salt. Additionally, small traces of environmental chemicals (like BPA) and other pollutants have been found in sweat, but studies are still inconclusive as to what effect ridding these toxins through sweat has on our health. Experiencing a deep sweat is a great way to open pores and rid dirt, grime, and other stubborn bacteria that clogs pores, leaving your skin with that awesome post-yoga glow.

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Yoga Studio in NYC